Hrothgar Mastiffs main focus is to promote and protect the Old English Mastiff breed. Our Mastiffs are of the highest quality with both sound mind and body.  Health and longevity are a primary goal.  We want our companions to live long health lives.

Hrothgar Mastiffs is the home of multiple champions with multiple titles. Hrothgar Mastiffs will only breed dogs on a limited basis. All bred dogs are fully health tested and are of the highest quality. They must be of sound structure, mind, and temperament. They must be healthy and in top physical condition prior to their breeding.

Our love for the breed leads us to showing and now breeding for the next generation of dogs to show. Our Mastiffs are the ideal family companion.  First and foremost, our dogs are family dogs and pets.  Showing and breeding is secondary.

All dogs placed by Hrothgar Mastiffs have a written Health guarantee. We fully support our Mastiff family and want to assist our puppy buyer for the entire life of the dog. Therefore, we encourage our Mastiff family to provide updates, information and photos.


Check our What's Available page to find out more about future litters.


  1. Hips
  2. Elbows
  3. Patellar
  4. Cardiac
  5. DM-Degenerative Atrophy
  6. Cystinuria
  7. Thyroid
  8. Eyes - CERF, PRA, CMR